It’s time to go deeper and make your organization healthier. Surface level leadership isn’t going to cut it. Find your voice and go from there.



If you know who you are and what you value – then you’ll be able to lead more effectively when life is good or a little rough. Every leadership training includes an emotional intelligence theme woven throughout. We don’t just teach communication techniques, we dive into the motivations that drive us and conflict triggers that disrupt us.We hope that over time – when leaders lead well – business grows, leaders are more effective and passionate and go home with a smile on their face ready to be awesome friends, parents and spouses. It might be a bit lofty – but, hey that’s ok.Training

We partner with organizations who want to take the next step. It’s that simple. If you are looking to engage your leaders to maximize productivity. That’s what we do. If you’re looking to create a leadership program and you need someone to help facilitate, that’s what we do. If you’re looking for someone to make you coffee in the morning – you’ll get french press. That’s how we roll.

Insight Leadership Group


Leadership Training

It’s true. Your team can dominate. They might just need a little help getting there. Our training engages leaders and maximizes productivity. Not just personal productivity, but the productivity and results of the team. Click here to learn more.

Leadership Coaching

Why wasn’t Michael Jordan the greatest baseball player of all time? Well … he was a basketball player who elevated his game by being around great coaches. Don’t be the Michael Jordan of baseball. Be the Michael Jordan of basketball. It’s time for coaching.

Presentation Coaching

You’ve felt it before. All eyes are on you, everyone is hanging on your every word and you know before you even finish that you nailed it. If that’s you every time you present. Don’t call us. Unless you need help with your Powerpoint. If that’s not you. Well – it can be.


I almost hesitate to type the word “consultant”. We really just partner with our clients to help them get to where they need to go. And, we keep in touch with out charging an astronomical fee to make sure whatever is it we did for you lasts for the long haul. Click here to see how we typically partner with organizations.