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“We want to make things better and sometimes we end up making things worse. Our first response is our natural response, but our natural response is not always our best response.”

The Art of Communication and Challenging Conversations

The power of “yes”, and …”
People are people and difficult conversations are inevitable. When difficult conversations become filled with conflict its even greater challenge. Everyone handles conflict differently. The SDI assessment helps make us aware of our conflict sequence. That is how we lead when things are going well and how we lead when things aren’t going well. This course bridges Emotional Intelligence and the SDI assessment together to provide a practical, personal and effective approach to every conversation that some would call crucial.

During This Course You Will:

Learn the difference in how you respond to challenge and conflict.
Explore how to navigate challenging conversations while improving the relationship.
Create a personalized plan on how to navigate conflict in a healthy way based on your conflict sequence.