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“Know yourself, know the customer and know why what you are selling matters to them.”

Insight Sales Training

Everyone has the capacity to make a sale. Not everyone will make a sale the same way.

Everyone is wired up differently. Some people are assertive and make a quick ask successfully. They feel great about it and so does the client. Other people build a relationship first and talk about personal hobbies. Some sales leaders focus on every detail of the product or project. Here’s the deal – everyone is different and that’s ok. You can still be successful.

You need to know yourself, know your customer and know the why.

Insight Sales Training uses the Total Strenght Deployment Inventory. This resource helps you become more aware of your personal communication strategies and why you communicate that way. It also provides training on how to recognize the motivational value system of who you are working with. By knowing that information you can tailor communication to help them understand what you are communicating.

Just because you didn’t get the gold star for selling ice to an Eskimo¬†in your internship doesn’t mean you won’t be good at closing deals. (and you still have your integrity!)

  • Learn what motivates you.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively to anyone.
  • Learn how to improve communication under stress.
  • Learn how to build quality relationships with clients.

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