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Followship Overview

followship is a self-paced guide with four results oriented chapters.

fellowship_Servant Leadership

FollowshipPhilosophy of followship

FollowshipCommunicating as a follower

FollowshipGrowing as a follower

FollowshipSatisfaction as a follower


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followship is a resource for people leaders.

FollowshipQuick Overview before each discussion

FollowshipCliff notes style update for managers to stay focused on the job and without pulling out the book.

FollowshipDiscussion Guide for each follow-up

Followship15 – 30-minute agenda to help the manager build a healthy relationship while instilling the leadership values and culture needed to succeed. Including example starters for the manager.

FollowshipManager Scheduling Option

Followshipfollowship can send manager reminder emails with the discussion guide for their next onboarding meeting.

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