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“Michael, I asked you to present at NOARK’s SuperCon2015 because I needed a speaker strong enough to hold an audience at the end of the day; a speaker inspiring enough to send that audience out on a high note. You did that and more! Just when everyone thought they could absorb no more, you took the stage and ended our day with honesty, insight and inspiration. Your unique presentation Be Unbeatable, was just that, unbeatable. Thank you for sharing it with us.”  Judith Tavano, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CPP

Keynote Talks

Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Influence begins when you know yourself, know others, and care for others.

What if we could always get along well with others? What if we could always make decisions in a way that made everyone feel like it’s a win? Let’s face it. Sometimes we have a hard time working well with others. It might be because we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It might be because the person we are working with chews with their mouth open. Here’s the deal – even when we don’t always feel like playing well – we should. Our ability to lead and be influential depends on our ability to work well with others. That’s where emotional intelligence comes in.

Effective Relational Leadership

Relationships essentially make us leaders. Relationships can increase our influence. Relationships can also destroy our influence. Relationships can improve our productivity. Relationships can also dilute our productivity.
When we consistently complete tasks well over time, we can become leaders. Now we need to keep getting work done, while becoming a leader worth following. We know that getting tasks done doesn’t mean the rest of the team is going to be engaged to get tasks done with you.

Now, we need to continue getting great work done while becoming a leader worth following. This breakout session will help you discover how to find your leadership voice to be a leader worth following.

The session will provide four proven leadership insights that shift focus on healthy relationships, clear communication and employing your strengths to be a leader worth following.

Learn four insights that will help you develop your leadership.

Explore how to increase effectiveness through relationships.

Create a new way to engage the people you work with.

Be Unbeatable

What’s the difference between a leader who moves forward and a leader who is unbeatable? Unbeatable leaders don’t become winners by accident. They move through a clear process with intentionality. They find their leadership voice, get to know the people around them, and discover where they are going next. To Be Unbeatable, a leader has to know what’s important, learn to follow and not always take the lead, and discover their ability to be resilient in any and every situation.

This talk combines research driven concepts and rich stories to help us choose to develop the soft skills necessary to lead at the next level. We bring in themes of emotional intelligence, grit and team dynamics to give each person an opportunity be mentally tough, work well with others and never give up.