Take your organization to the next level.
“Begin and end each presentation with the confidence knowing you nailed it!”

Nailed it! Presentation Coaching
Stop wondering if you nailed it and start focusing on your audience. Because you know you’ll nail it.

Deliver a Fearless Presentation

Wouldn’t it be great to know you nailed the presentation! To know you influenced, informed, and/or inspired the audience. Everyone has a unique personality that comes to life when they are in their element. Some people find their voice while sitting across a coffee table; others thrive while sitting around a conference table. Coaching helps leaders communicate effectively in any setting without fear.

Presentation Coaching Overview

  • Presentation coaching is typically 8-12 hourly sessions.
  • These session include recording presentations, instant feedback and coaching based on your goals.
  • Each session will focus on the skills needed to accomplish the individual leaders presentation goals.
  • In-between coaching sessions we will provide script reviews and edits. It’s not just about the delivery; it’s also about the content. We focus on both!

Here’s the basics of what you’ll learn.

  • Creating an outline that works for you
  • Start with confidence
  • End with clarity
  • Intentional transitions
  • Influence through storytelling
  • Weave a theme
  • Leverage PowerPoint, photography, music, and video
  • Use a whiteboard and flipchart effectively