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“If you want to improve retention, engagement, productivity, and results… Improve your culture. Culture impacts everything and is impacted by everything we do.”

Insight Training

  • 1/3 of our lives are spent at work.
  • 70% of workers are disengaged.
  • 78% of managers suffer from stress.
  • 61% of workers admit to wasting 30 minutes to an hour a day at work.
  • 100% of workers admit to dealing with conflict up to 2.8 hours a week

To put it plainly. Conflict leads to stress. Stress leads to disengagement. Disengagement leads to lost profit, high turnover, and annoying drama.

Great training provides clarity. It’s that simple. Training is not about lecturing a group and checking a box. It’s about taking a group of people through a process to help them see a new way of working and thinking.

Insight facilitation is engaging, interactive, transparent and effective. We like to laugh and have fun, but at the end of the day, our success is based on results after the classroom.

We have experience developing and delivering off-the-shelf training, semi-customized training, and fully customized training.

Insight Leadership Model

The Insight Leadership Model provides a clear method to think through challenges and opportunities leaders face every day.

Leaders Need Healthy Relationships | The Art of Effective Relational Leadership

  • Understand who you are working with and how to employ your strengths to get results while building healthy relationships and resolving conflict more effectively.

Leaders Need Clear Communication | The Art of Clear Communication and Challenging Conversations

  • Tailor your communication based on who you are working with and gain a clear process for how to navigate challenging conversations in any workplace context.

Leaders Need to Employ Strengths | The Art of Employing your Strengths

  • Choose your strength wisely for every situation to gain more energy and joy at work. Gain awareness of your overdone strengths. You know, the things you do to try and make things better, but for some reason, you make them worse.

Leaders Need Emotional Intelligence | Lead With Emotional Intelligence 

  • Become self-aware and begin to manage your emotions so you can put others first. Focus on helping others achieve their goals as much as you focus on accomplishing personal goals.



TotalSDI identifies intrinsic motives with eight in-depth assessments that target the priorities and values impacting behavior. TotalSDI’s interactive design creates a powerful learning environment for leaders and teams as the learner’s own words and insights fuel the classroom dynamic.


DiSC is a behavioral assessment we use to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication.

The following courses do not create an exhaustive list of what is available. Insight Leadership Group provides training around culture, leading change, and servant leadership as well as customized training programs. Just send a message to learn more.

Insight Leadership Programs

Insight Team Building | Team Development Program

High Potential Leadership Program | Become a Leader Worth Following

Followship | Servant Leaders. Serving Leaders.