Take your organization to the next level.
“Take the next step in your leadership today: Try to understand why someone is doing what they are doing instead of reacting to what they did. Learn the motivation before reacting to the decision.”

Healthy Relationships | The Art of Effective Relational Leadership

Course Description

What if people could understand people? You know – the people that have good intentions but the good intentions get lost in the translation. Hmmm … that could be good.

Relationships essentially make us leaders. Relationships can increase our influence. Relationships can also destroy our influence. Relationships can improve our productivity. Relationships can also dilute our productivity.

When we consistently complete tasks well over time, we can become leaders. Now we need to keep getting work done while becoming a leader worth following. We know that getting tasks done doesn’t mean the rest of the team is going to be engaged to get tasks done with you.

People are people. We are wired up differently, think differently, and communicate differently. Yep – we’re different. We also bring our previous experiences, education, and outlooks on life that directly impact how we communicate with others. What if we could know the motivations behind why we do what we do and saw past behaviors.  What if we could take that information to learn how to communicate effectively?

This training uses the T0tal Strength Deployment Inventory assessment for maximum effectiveness.

If your organization uses DiSC already we can leverage that resource as well.

Course Outcomes

This course will help you:

  • Learn about how your motivations and strengths impact your leadership.
  • Explore how to become a healthy influential leader by improving your relationships.
  • Create a new way of thinking and develop new habits as you develop your leadership.

Course Length

  • This course can be delivered in a half-day or full-day format. The full day has a greater impact.