“My office needs enough room for a couch so I can take naps. ” – Graduated MBA Student

What is followship?

Self-Paced Development.

followship is an interactive self-paced training that helps employees develop into servant leaders. This training can easily be integrated into your current onboarding program or be used as a stand-alone team building training.

Is that enough business jargon? …

Here’s the deal. Organizations typically struggle to retain and engage millennials. We all know that. We also know that conflict is way too common in organizations between millennials and the rest of the team. We also know millennials make up the future of our organizations. This program is designed to get everyone working together in the same direction. It provides an understanding and philosophy of how to work effectively together while getting good work done.

Followshipfollowship creates an opportunity for managers to engage their direct reports while building a healthy working relationship. This is not only good for the relationship, it’s good for business.

FollowshipNew hires in companies with longer onboarding programs report being more proficient in their role four months sooner than in companies with short onboarding programs.

Why followship?

Promote Servant Leaders.

Engage Employees. New employees typically arrive with great energy and a bit of apprehensionLeadership Coaching
about how to fit in and hit the ground running. By approaching their new role with a followship perspective, they can grow in their role while serving others and make a positive impact on their team, customers, and organization.

Unite Generations. This course addresses the challenges of employing a multi-generational workforce and provides organizations a tool to engage and maximize the productivity of millennials and boomers in the workforce. Rumors of poor millennial work ethic, an inability to accept feedback, and a lack of resiliency are rampant. But we know millennials bring a lot to the workforce and are vital to continued success.

Enjoy Success. A healthy multi-generational workforce of servant leaders serving leaders can create a healthy work environment and a competitive organization. This course sets up new employees and the organization for success, both in the short-term and as they work their way toward greater responsibility and bigger impact on the organization.


What if you experienced increased employee engagement?

Followship25% of employees worldwide feel connected to their company’s mission.

FollowshipWhat if you experienced less turnover?

Followship69% of employees are more likely to stay with the company for at least 3 years after a great onboarding experience.

FollowshipWhat if your team found meaning in their work?

Followship50% of employees do not find meaning or significance in their current role.

How do I start followship?

There are three ways to start followship at your organization. Learn more about purchasing followship today.

Option 1 | Contact Insight Leadership Group and purchase the Self-Paced Followship Workbook for each employee. Then the followship team will distribute the management guide to each leader with direct reports.
Option 2 | Bring in our expert followship facilitators to launch the followship philosophy in your organization.
Option 3 | Call to discuss customizing followship to integrate it into your current organization.

Meet the followship team

Michael Brown (last of the GenXers) and Stephen Caldwell (born just in time to qualify as a baby boomer) began working together three years ago. Stephen hired Michael, and they began creating onboarding programs, management training, leadership training, and marketing materials for the agency where they worked. Three years later, Michael and Stephen are both entrepreneurs and continue to work on projects together. Click here to learn more about them.

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