Take your organization to the next level.
“Greatness is not a function of circumstance, greatness is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.” – Jim Collins

Emotional Intelligence

Kurt Schrock, Director of Corporate HR at Tyson Foods

“Michael Brown is a tremendous speaker and trainer. He has rolled out the majority of the Emotional Intelligence training for our Finance and Accounting Function at Tyson Foods. He took a three-day course and pared it down to one day and the results and feedback have been extraordinary! If your company is looking to partner with a great Leadership Training group, Insight Leadership Group, LLC and Michael Brown is who you should pick! He has also done work with our Leadership and Organizational Development team at Tyson Foods, Inc. I would recommend Michael and his company to anyone who needs training, leadership development or executive coaching for your Team Members.”

Leadership Training

Insight training is engaging, interactive, and effective. Great training provides clarity, insight, and actual development. Training is not about lecturing a group and checking a compliance box. It’s about taking a group of people through a process to help them see a new way of thinking and working.

Leadership Coaching 

Insight Coaching takes you through a proven three step process that helps every leader take their leadership to the next level. Leaders don’t settle for the status quo and mediocrity.

Presentation Coaching

Insight Presentation Coaching equips every communicator to nail every presentation! Leaders learn to influence, inform, and/or inspire the audience. Everyone has a unique personality and communication style that we hone in on and develop.

Does your organization need training and coaching? Last year organizations wasted $359,432,645,000 dealing with conflict. Conflict drove teams to facebook, water cooler gossip, sick days and simply mailing it in.

I need a coach I need a trainer I need a keynote I need a sweet tea