Emotional Intelligence

Become a Follower Worth Mentoring.
Become a Leader Worth Following.
Become a Team Worth Joining.
Become an Organization Worth Growing.

Leadership Training and Coaching

Something amazing happens when a leader has an insight. They see something in a new way for the first time and take ownership of what to do about it.

The word “insight” is important to how we do what we do. We don’t tell organizations what to do and how to do it. We don’t tell leaders how to do their jobs. We help them gain insights so they can see things from a new perspective. When a leader gains insight, they own the solution and take personal responsibility for their development.

View the Insight Process below to see how we help organizations go from where they are to where they want to be.

The Insight Process

We find direction.

During meetings, assessments, and/or focus groups we help our clients find direction.

“We hired Michael to provide customer service training for our workforce event at Arrest Ballpark. He was professional, energetic, engaging and fun throughout this presentation. His points were simple to understand but far reaching in scope. I’m a big fan of Michael’s and will absolutely seek him out in the future.” Eric Edelstein, President at Rene Aces/USL Reno 2017

We create a map to get there.

Our strategic map will lay out the plan of action to get you there.

“Michael is a pre-eminent authority on leadership and management. He has a keen eye for detail and the ability to tackle complex problems with creative, effective solutions. Michael has both the brains to know where he is going, and the brawn to lead a team to great heights.” Mike Nicholas, SPHR, Director of Human Resources at Bethel College

We blaze a new trail and arrive there.

Strategy is not meant to sit on a page. Through consulting, training and coaching we help our clients reach their destination.

“Michael Brown is a tremendous speaker and trainer. He has rolled out the majority of the Emotional Intelligence training for our Finance and Accounting Function at Tyson Foods. He took a three-day course and pared it down to one day and the results and feedback have been extraordinary! If your company is looking to partner with a great Leadership Training group, Insight Leadership Group, LLC and Michael Brown is who you should pick! He has also done work with our Leadership and Organizational Development team at Tyson Foods, Inc. I would recommend Michael and his company to anyone who needs training, leadership development or executive coaching for your Team Members.” Kurt Schrock, Director of Corporate HR at Tyson Foods

Why We Do What We Do


We help leaders and organizations gain insights so they can see things from a new perspective. When a leader gains insight, they own the solution to what they’re working on and make it happen.


We help leaders create alignment and gain momentum. When organizations align, they move towards accomplishing their vision the way they want to accomplish it and profits increase. When leaders align values and strengths with their everyday work engagement and productivity increases.


To make dreams become a reality, a leader needs grit. It means to endure the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity. To do one’s best in times of distress by maintaining self-control and discipline. Leaders that do great things are resilient.  They don’t give up.


“I have had the pleasure to work with Michael for the last 5 years in varying roles and capacities and I have found that above all else, Michael is deeply rooted in helping his clients succeed. I have engaged Michael in classroom style training, customized courses to address a specific team problem, and one-on-one coaching. I have found that Michael is great at understanding the unique challenges that a team faces in internal and external communication as well as emotional intelligence. I have also found that he goes beyond behavioral generalizations where most personality profiles and communication courses stop, and focuses on core motivators to help people with introspection and look at the viewpoints of others that we interact with, in personal and business settings.

I will say that Micheal digs deep into his toolbox to find the training material most helpful to his clients, and I would never expect a vanilla response or program. Michael demonstrated this when he customized a Communication course coupled with personality profiles for an IT support team where internal and customer communication is always a challenge. I have also found Michael to be a mentor and trusted advisor, with sound advice on building up teams through soft skills.

If you choose to work with Michael, get ready to engage someone with sound character and genuine interest in helping you and your team.” – Kent Watson, Vice President, Metova Inc.